SOS - Where it all began!


I took a gap year before college tutoring the amazing kids at SOS Children's village, Bhaktapur. I was assigned to tutor Math to 15 grade 8 students.

SOS Children's Villages is an independent, non-governmental international development organization which has been working to meet the needs and protect the interests and rights of children since 1949. According to the Financial Times, the 2004 turnover of SOS Children's Villages altogether was US$ 807 million, and it was ranked 33 out of a 100 global NGOs for "global accountability."


Kids grow fast! I visit them every time I go to Nepal and they keep getting bigger!

I would always start the tutoring sessions with videos. Due to the limited number of computers in the school, the students were not familiar with the educational use of technology. Computers and the Internet were integral to my education. I was able to do well in school because of Khan Academy, Ted-Ed, Minute Physics, and other YouTube channels. So, I wanted to introduce those resources in the class.

On my latest visit, they surprised me with the best gift ever!

On my latest visit, they surprised me with the best gift ever!

I would come to class ten minutes early to start the session with some of the videos. However, the students never failed to arrive before me. Inspired by their enthusiasm, ten minutes turned to fifteen and fifteen turned to half an hour. In addition, they wanted to be tutored even after the designated end time. So, my official one-hour sessions frequently went over two hours.

Although working in SOS was not easy, the students smile made everything worth the difficulties. Since I lived across the valley, the 4-hour commute was especially challenging. Vehicles that would cram three times more people than the capacity did not make things easier. However, when I was assigned to teach, the love, meaning, and joy they gave in return were more than anything I could have asked for.