Maya/Oberlin - an exchange

Maya Universe Academy is Nepal's first free private school. Parents pay the school's fee through labor rather than money by working in the school's fields for two days a month. Situated in Chisapani, Tanauh Maya educates about 250 students. I first worked in Maya during the summer of 2016 and have been inspired ever since.


Right before I left Maya in the summer of 2016, the Principal of Maya told me that the school needed classrooms. The need was very apparent as students were either crammed in small rooms or were studying outside. So, my next five months were spent raising fund for those classrooms. Through multiple presentation and fundraiser, I was able to raise $7100. These programming also helped raise awareness about Maya's sustainability model among students and community members.


In addition to raising funds, I took two Oberlin students with me on the January of 2017. This was the start of multiple group trips to the school. These trips would ensure that a constant exchange between Maya and Oberlin.


Finally, Maya had expressed an interest in digital literacy. Since most of the students were not accustomed to computers, the first step was to get them there. So, with the help of the Oberlin College Technology Store, we secured five Mac Books. Finally, lessons were designed to help the student get accustomed to using those computers.