After months of preparation, I was finally able to start implementing my lessons at Maya Universe Academy. These lessons were structured so that every kid, regardless of their previous knowledge, would be able to participate in learning. I was able to keep the students engaged by implementing Universally Designed Learning. Multiple ways of engagement, representation, and expressions allowed the majority of the students to attain the information in a personalized manner.


What is data and how to use it?

My first lesson was to learn about data; What it is? How to measure it and how to use it? We started with origami to make jumping frog and utilized numerous trails to collect data on how far they jumped. This activity gave them a sense of how data can be used to answer specific types of question. Videos were used to reinforce this knowledge. We then formulated our problem, collected data and represented them in graphs. Thus giving them different ways to engage and describe the information. Finally, the students presented what they had learned either by writing or speaking.



How big is the Universe?

My second lesson was to give my students an intuitive idea of the size of the universe. First, we brought everything down to the scale of peas and potatoes to compare the relative sizes. The students were then asked to discuss and share their thoughts. After fortifying their intuition with some Maths, we watched a documentary and watched few slides. They were requested to go back to the film and slides, to either prepare a 5-minute presentation or write a one-page essay. During the whole process, communication was encouraged to exchange thoughts and foster critical thinking.


It was their first time playing with computers, so a bunch of students used the laptops after school to type and fool around with graphs.

In addition to tutoring, I was using the computers in my tutoring class. Here Raksha is learning about percentages.